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Zarina is a babe, there are no two ways about it! Her boyfriend is lucky to have her, so what on earth possessed him to leave her with a sex hungry old man is beyond us! This old man can’t wait to get his hands on her gorgeous soft body, and in particular those pert little tits. He can’t believe his luck when the boyfriend finally leaves, and he virtually pounces on Zarina. You’d think she would put up a fight, but she actually wants the attention and thoroughly enjoys him kissing her body all over before getting his cock out for her to suck on and take into her peachy, cute little pussy. When her boyfriend returns he can hardly believe his eyes when he sees her getting screwed by this old guy, but what can he do other than join in? It looks like far too much fun to break up!

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Old Goes Young - Old Goes Young torrent

The fucking mobile phone is the bane of this guy’s existence when it comes to keeping his girlfriend from falling prey to the fat old man who is dying to get in her knickers. He simply has to take the call and is then required to leave the room. So what happens? Well, you ought to know b now that the old guy takes complete advantage of the situation to crack onto the other guy’s girlfriend. It isn’t long before he has worked his magic tongue to get her into the idea and then used the very same tongue to make her come on right there and then in the kitchen. This old guy really knows how to entertain a young woman such as Luba and he’s only too pleased to offer some sexual knowledge that will further enhance the young couple’s sex life!

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Simona never had a thing for bearded guys before this shoot, and she certainly hadn’t considered older men either; particularly fat old men like this guy. But oh oh boy has she learned that these old guys can fuck! This fat, bearded old guy may look like he’d have trouble combing the stairs, but when you see him boning Simona and hardly breaking a sweat you can tell that this isn’t his first young babe on the couch. The action continues to get hotter as they are interrupted by Simona’s boyfriend, who walks back into the room only to be confronted with the two of them fucking right before his very eyes. The inevitable arguments occur but are soon extinguished as the boyfriend realises his woman is having a nice time and considers that he may as well join them!

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Inna is one of those girls who thinks she does her boyfriend proud in the bedroom, and in many cases it’s true. However, it’s not until she meets an older guy who shows her how to have sex properly and please her man to the max that she realises just how terrible she was! This old guy really goes to town on her and helps her understand just where to touch, suck and how to fuck!

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Sindy has her work cut out for her when she ends up with her boyfriend and some grey haired old dude fucking her. She is left alone by her man with this grey haired old guy because of some sort of phone call. When the old man gets his claws into her there is little Sindy can do to fight off his advances. It’s not that he gets in her pants by force, he’s just quite persuasive and before long she can’t wait to get that old man’s cock inside her. He has a particular liking for her ass and spends quite a lot of time nibbling on it and stroking it. We must agree that is is a rather spectacular ass and deserves a lot of attention. You might think that the party would be broken up when the boyfriend returns, but this is when things really get going!

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Aright, so the green rug may not be the best piece of interior design we’ve seen here on Old Goes Young, but what’s happening on the rug between this old dude and this young babe is certainly worth looking at. Her name is Tina and this is her first time with an older more experienced guy. She wasn’t going to do anything at all to begin with, but seeing as though her boyfriend left her alone with this charming old fella she could see no rein why a little flirting would hurt. Little did she now that this old guy would be pounding her sweet, wet pussy within a few moments of her boyfriend leaving the room! When her boyfriend returns there is little more to do other than invite him to join them!

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When Natalia gets some attention of this old guy she is so flattered that she ant help hereof going wild on his dirty old cock! There is nothing like getting some experienced guy to fuck you senseless, and this is her chance. Her boyfriend leaves her in the old guy’s clutches and before long he has his hands all over her body and his cock in her mouth, we could all do with taking some lessons off this old dude when it comes to charming your way into the pants of an young babe like Natalia. Her boyfriend doesn’t believe it when he returns, but he’s quick to stand in awe of the old guy. Not only did the old guy charm his way into his girlfriend’s knickers, he’s also doing a very good job of fucking her brains out! Much respect!

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Naomi could never have bee ready for what happened to her when her boyfriend left her alone with an older dude. Old Goes Young brings you one of the best old guy, young girl fucking scenes you’re ever likely to see in your life! Naomi thought the guy was a sweet old dude and enjoyed chatting with him when her boyfriend left them alone. Little did she know that this silver tongued old geezer would talk his way into her knickers within a few minutes. The old guy knew he didn’t have long before the boyfriend cam back so he uk all his skills to get her eating out of his hand, and subsequently eating his cock. The boyfriend comes back eventually to find his lovely Naomi laid on the floor with an old guy hanging out of her pussy, pounding away like a fiddler’s elbow! What a scene!

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